UT drone thickness measurements
for industrial applications
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RoNik Inspectioneering introduces certified UT thickness measurements using drones to tank storage markets worldwide.

Press release: RoNik Inspectioneering wins drone hero Europe contest 2019.

Motivation of the jury: “RoNik offers a working solution for a real need with a high potential of scaling up internationally.”

For a safer workplace, shorter downtime and lower costs.

RoNik inspectioneering performs UT and visual inspections using drones. Our speciality is the inspection of industrial, hazardous and enclosed spaces, such as storage tanks, boilers, super heaters, furnaces, stacks, pipelines and more. RoNik has developed a propriety technology based on ultrasound technology to execute thickness testing of steel in hard to reach places using our patented UT drone technology. Inspection data is shared via an innovative cloud based 3d model of the inspection object. The 3d model is used to position inspection data so it is easy to know what is where (scroll down for various examples). Our deliverable is a certified inspection report conformant to standards like API-653 and EEMUA-159.

UT and visual drone inspections

We specialise in UT thickness measurements and visual inspection of industrial assets using aerial robots (drones).

Non-entry inspection services

Avoid confined space entry and increase worker safety by remotely accessing boilers, tanks, pressure vessels and other complex environments inside your plant.

Steel tank inspection services

Access and inspect steel tanks in a fraction of the time needed for scaffolding, cranes or rope access. Our inspections are API-653/EEMUA-159 compliant.

Laser guided precision

Our UT drones allow for precise targeting and positioning of inspection data. Results are 0.1mm accurate. Thickness tests are validated by a level 2 NDT engineer.

High resolution imagery

See pitholes in steel welds or the smallest cracks in concrete: our visual inspection drones offer the highest resolution in the world, better than the human eye.

Data analysis

Our inspection service is able to assess drone inspection data professionally and deliver a full API-653/EEMUA-159 compliant inspection report.

3D Modeling

Virtual reality meets industrial inspection: with our 3D modelling technology, inspection data is plotted on a virtual model so it is easy to position inspection data.

Reach inaccessible places

The Elios "ball" drones we operate inspect and explore unreachable spaces. They can even be operated without the need of an operator in the same area.

Cloud storage & integration

With our user friendly cloud portal, your inspection data is never more than one mouseclick away. Sharing inspection results with co-workers is easier than ever.

Shorter downtime, lower maintenance costs

Drone inspection technology increases the ROI of your assets.

Drone inspections significantly contribute to a more efficient inspection process of industrial assets. Using our specialised indoor and outdoor inspection drones, inspections typically last for a few days instead of a few weeks. Our drones van do UT Thickness measurements, visual inspection and thermal inspection. The amount of scaffolding, rope access or cranes needed can be lowered by 50-85%. The result is a shorter maintenance window so your asset can get back in production faster. In addition, the costs of the inspections themselves can be lowered by 25-50% because less man hours are needed as the process is more automated. By storing all inspection data in a cloud platform, a comprehensive dossier is created of the state your asset. This data is accessible anyplace, anywhere, anytime and ready to use for future maintenance, engineering or other inspection projects. The level of detail acquired by our visual and thermal imaging sensors can be higher than the human eye is able to see. So inspection results are based on high level data that can be trusted and relied upon.

For a safer workplace

Drone technology allows for non-entry inspection data acquisition.

Drone inspections increase health & safety by eliminating dangerous human access to hazardous areas. Our dedicated inspection drones can access hard to reach places at heights. And they are specifically designed to operate and navigate safely in confined spaces, such as oil storage tanks, boilers, spheres, etc. Our drone can even operate in complete darkness, they bring their own light to your inspection subject. Using our confined space drones, no human entry is needed anymore, so industrial inspections can be carried out safer, faster and cheaper than traditional ones. All our projects are carried out via carefully designed QHSE procedures and guidelines that are tailored for hazardous industrial applications. All our personell is VCA/CSS certified. A live video feed can be shown to local inspectors so they can give immediate directions on what details to inspect. The video feed can even be broadcasted online, so authorized co-workers can follow the inspection live anywhere in the world.

Accessing your inspection data is easier than ever

All our inspection data is delivered via a safe and user friendly cloud portal. Your inspection data is never more than one mouseclick away. Create a breakdown of your object and structure inspection data according to this breakdown. Share inspection results with other departments, co-workers or suppliers without the hassle of big file transfers.


Our technology is proven technology. Some examples are shown below. Contact us for more references and applications.

Inspection of an industrial salt hall

RoNik Inspectioneering has successfully completed a complex inspection project in a huge salt silo by applying a drone inspection combined with photogrammic 3D modeling. The goal was to asses the sate of steel anchors and wooden trusses, as they can be corroded by the constant impact of salt. This inspection technique enables the client to do analysis in any office environment, to an extremely detailed level. In addition, the client saved considerably on scaffolding and platforms, and also significant time savings.

Tank Roof inspection

After successful completion of the first project for a detailed inspection of the welds in a stainless steel fixed roof tank using a high resolution imagery and 3D modeling, RoNik Inspectioneering has obtained a follow-up assignment. This time it concerns the inspection of the roof trusses and nozzle connections.
RoNik Inspectioneering visualizes what the naked eye from the ground is not visible, and provides a complete inspection confoprmant to the API-653/EEMUA-159 specifications. Inspection results are presented in an easy to use 3D model.

Power plant boiler inspection

RoNik Inspectioneering has successfully concluded an inspection mission inside one of the most hazerdous areas of the Amer9 plant in Geertruidenberg. The goal was to inspect the superheater section 1 and 2 with the aid of a drone. The inspection took place within the boiler at about 70 meters, in dark conditions, and the space between the heat exchangeers was only 85 cm. The results were real time available, which helped the client to make the right decisions to optimize the repair plan within the tight two-week shutdown.

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